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By yourself or with friends, your mission is to survive an epic oceanic adventure across
a perilous sea! Gather debris to survive, expand your raft and set sail towards forgotten and dangerous islands!

Trapped on a small raft with nothing but a hook made of old plastic, players awake on a vast,
blue ocean totally alone and with no land in sight! With a dry throat and an empty stomach,
survival will not be easy!

Raft™ throws you and your friends into an epic adventure out on the big open sea, with the
objective to stay alive, gather resources and build yourself a floating home worthy of

Resources are tough to come by at sea: Players will have to make sure to catch whatever debris floats by using their trusty hook and when possible, scavenge the reefs beneath the waves and the islands above.
However, thirst and hunger is not the only danger in the ocean… watch out for the man-
eating shark determined to end your voyage!

Find the last parts of civilization still above water. Overcome the challenges therein, uncover the story of its previous inhabitants and find your way to the next destination!

? Multiplayer! Survive by yourself or with friends in online co-op!
? Hook! Use your hook to catch debris floating by.
? Craft! Build survival equipment, weapons, crop plots and more to help you stay alive!
? Build! Expand your raft from a simple wreckage to a buoyant mansion.
? Research! Learn new things to craft in the research table.
? Navigate! Sail your raft towards new destinations and overcome their challenges, uncover their story and find new items to help you on your journey!
? Dive! Drop anchor and explore the depths for more resources.
? Fight! Defend your raft from the dangers of the ocean and fight your way through perilous destinations.
? Farm and cook! Grow crops, catch and tend to animals, cook recipes and make tasty smoothies to keep your stomach happy.

Hinweis: Die deutschsprachige Beschreibung wird bevorzugt, jedoch existiert diese für manche Spiele einfach nicht. Sorry, that's life!
Möglicherweise ist die deutschsprachige Beschreibung zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt verfügbar, schaue also öfters mal vorbei!
Die Informationen werden regelmäßig über das Steam-API gesammelt.

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